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It was a remarkable year at the Hartman Institute. 

It was a remarkable year at the Hartman Institute. 

Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat in Jerusalem 

Strengthening the connection of North American community leaders to Israel and deepening their understanding of pressing contemporary issues   

The Community Leadership Program (CLP) brings a diverse group of committed lay leaders from across North America and around the world to study in Jerusalem in the summer. Participants join senior Institute scholars in Jerusalem to explore foundational Jewish ideas and central dilemmas of contemporary Jewish life.
In Summer 2018, more than 125 community leaders participated in the CLP Summer Retreat, including Leadership Fellows of the Avi Schaefer Fund, a select group of emerging American Jewish leaders and young professionals, and student leaders in the Hartman iEngage Student Fellowship. Participants engaged in lectures, havruta study, electives, and tiyulim on the timely theme "Derech Eretz: Building Character and Building Society."

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Nancy Brandeis

CLP 2018, New York, NY

Inclusive and Deep Approach: There's not much I find more meaningful than attending Hartman’s Community Leadership Program with my synagogue community.  Our trip to CLP with our Temple Emanuel Newton community was a highlight of our summer when we lived in Boston and deepened our connection to the synagogue. Studying with Hartman at CLP and in programming throughout the year has been a powerful experience. I didn’t have a strong background in studying texts, and Hartman’s pluralistic approach is inclusive and deep. It was a safe environment to learn, and it has always felt authentic and non-judgmental. Studying with Hartman has given me confidence and increased my fluency with texts, core Jewish principles, and big ideas.


Big Ideas and Meaningful Conversations: Hartman gives the frameworks to think about important ideas and through this study I have been given tools to engage in dialogue with people who think differently than I do. Once we moved to NYC I wanted to share the powerful experience of studying with Hartman and attending CLP so I decided to help organize a group from my new community, Park Avenue Synagogue. I am excited for the meaningful conversations and big ideas we will explore together.


Justin Hefter

Avi Schaefer Fellow, CLP 2018, San Francisco, CA

Engaging Across Difference: I learned through facilitated dialogue and text study at Hartman that a vibrant Jewish community is one that engages across difference and that provides a space for everyone to feel heard and empowered.


Strengthening Community through Dialogue: One powerful moment for me was when we heard from a very brilliant Hartman scholar who said that while a political argument at the JCC in Boca Raton will definitely not determine the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that argument will definitely determine the future of the JCC in Boca Raton. The lesson for me is that there is too much at stake if we leave behind our Jewish values when we advocate for political positions. Jewish morals and ethics provide a wonderful framework through which we can be strong advocates for the causes we believe in, while appreciating that those same Jewish morals/ethics could lead someone to take the opposing viewpoint. And that, in the course of that dialogue, Jewish community and values are strengthened.

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