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book publications and events


Books published by Hartman scholars this  year include: 


Between Heaven and Earth

Avi Sagi and Dov Schwartz [Hebrew]

book events


In New York, the Salon@475 series offered an intellectual exploration of new ideas in Jewish Life. The eight-part monthly series focused on newly published books by Hartman faculty and scholars. The salons featured new works on a wide variety of topics by authors James Loeffler, Micah Goodman, Chaim Saiman, Tamar Biala, and Shaul Magid among others, with the authors in conversation with interlocutors from the journalism and academic worlds. The program with author Ishay Rosen Zvi was in Hebrew, a first for SHI North America.

Book Launches



This year, we hosted several book events in Jerusalem in which literary and intellectual figures spoke about the themes presented in our scholars’ works. Events this year included celebrations of Ruth Kara-Ivanov Kaniel’s Human Ropes, Aharon Shemesh’s Nazirites and Nazirism, Menachem Lorberbaum’s I Seek Thy Face, and Amotz Asa-El’s The Jewish March of Folly. 

book Tour

Hartman Senior Fellow Yossi Klein Halevi published his New York Times best-selling book, Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor in May 2018 and spoke in communities and on college campuses across North America and in Israel throughout the year. We created a Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor Book Club, with background readings, video resources and a detailed leader’s guide for rabbis to lead conversations in their own communities. Over 100 rabbis and educators participated in the club, and the Milwaukee Jewish Federation chose the book as their 2018-19 Community Read with 16 book clubs reading the book. 

The publication and translation of Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor was supported by the Aviv Foundation, Martin and Lauren Geller Family Foundation, and other generous donors.

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