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articles and op-eds

SHI scholars regularly publish articles in the Jewish and mainstream media in Israel and North America.


Popular articles published in English this year:

The Moral Challenge of Gaza

by Donniel Hartman (first published on the Times of Israel)

The Deep Sources of a Great Divide

by Yehuda Kurtzer (first published in The New Republic)

Don’t Be Put Off by Israel’s Messy Politics. They are a Sign of a Functioning Democracy

by Ariel Picard

On Religious Materialism: Part 1

by Elana Stein Hain (first published on Morethodoxy)

Our Country Is Burning, It’s Time to Act

by Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield (first published in the Forward)

How Jews Became 'Too White, Too Powerful' for U.S. Progressive Activism

by Sara Yael Hirschhorn (first published in Haaretz)

Agency in the #MeToo Moment

 by Sarah Wolf (first posted on Times of Israel)

Hebrew Blog


The Al Daat Hakahal blog is SHI’s online platform for addressing the burning questions facing the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora, exploring questions of religion and state, Zionism and democracy, statehood, and social justice. The site features articles, interviews, and videos of SHI scholars in various fields related to Jewish, Hebrew, and Israeli culture. The blog has quickly developed a wide reach into Israeli society, showcasing a range of academic perspectives. Since the blog was launched in 2018 it has attracted over 100,000 unique visitors.

On the Wings of the Divine

Channa Pinchasi on Yom HaZikaron

The Hebrew Buzz: The Identity Challenge of Israeli Americans

by Ruth Calderon on the phenomenon of loss of Israeli identity and culture of Israelis abroad

The Historical Background of the Exodus
from Egypt

by Israel Knohl

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